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Baby The Knife Development Blog

Here you can read about the development of Baby The Knife

Baby The Knife is a game about a 6 year old christian girl, who has lost her parents.

The priest always told her that everything is the will of God, so now she has decided to find him and ask him why they are gone.


Baby The KnifePosted by Info 2011-09-30 11:18:31

Hi all :)

People have been asking about the gameplay in Baby The Knife. It's nice with all the story and setting, but how do I play it?

Baby The Knife is a 3d sidescrolling beat'em up/puzzle platform game.

3D means that all objects in the game will be made as 3 dimensional objects. 3D objects are more complicated and expensive to make then 2d objects. A game like Limbo is made in 2d and initially we wanted to do the same thing. But making it in 2d means that a lot of the fun in the gameplay wouldn't be possible, so we've decided to do it in 3d.

Sidescroller” refers to the movement of the ”camera” (gamedevelop-speak for the point of view). The camera scrolls from left side to right side. It's an established ”genre” in games with a ton of titles. The picture of Baby & Saint Peter in the earlier blogpost is actually concept-art-drawing of an ingame scene.

Beat'em up means that the game is about fighting. In classic beat'em-ups the hero would go through a level and beat a lot of weak henchlings and bosses at the end of the levels. Baby The Knife is differently: we have no henchlings, but only boss-fight with unique and challenging enemies.

Puzzle platform” means that if people doesn't want to fight, they can circumvent the fight by taking a different path and solve puzzles to progress.

So basically you go through the city, hell & heaven, beating up anybody who stops you or – if you are more peacefull – avoid them by progressing through puzzles.



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